Great Ways For Teens to Make Money Online

As it turns out, there actually are a number of ways for teens to make money at home. Not long ago, when was a teenager ever made money at home? Usually, when you were a teenager, you had odd, part-time work, and made some money flipping stuff in school. The money made helped buy most of the things that needed while growing up. However, if you had some extra money, you might have considered going to college. It is those days that are now ancient history.

Today, there is plenty of free opportunity to earn some money during the summer. The internet offers many great ways for teens to make money at home. One of the most popular ways for teens to earn money for the summer is by performing data entry at home. Many companies need individuals to input information into a computer. For example, if an individual has to enter information into the computer to get directions home from work, the person would be paid for doing so.

Another one of the great ways for teens to make money online is by selling t-shirts at a local or online cafepress. Many people do not realize that the cafeteria is a great place to find great deals on t-shirts. Often, t-shirts can be found for less than 20 cents per shirt. There are even instances where someone can sell a shirt and then return it to the store, earning a profit on the shirt.

With these great deals available, it is easy to see why cafepress sales are very popular. However, many teens may have difficulty finding a buyer for their t-shirts. If there is no age requirement or other way for teens to ensure they are compensated, the teen may find themselves earning less money than they would with other options. This is where PayPal can come in handy. Many local cafepress stores accept PayPal as a payment method, allowing teens the opportunity to purchase their t-shirts with ease.

To set up your own PayPal account (which is free), simply logon to your PayPal account (which is located at Merchant Account Services. A link to this page must be provided when you sign up for an account. A link to a web page that will have the option for users to create a PayPal account (must be 18) must also be provided when you sign up. Setting up a PayPal account (which is free) is one of the best ways for teens to make money online. You can also use your credit card to purchase items through cafepress.

Another great way for teens to earn money (and I mean big money) is by starting up a blog. There are several ways for teens to start blogging. Blogger and WordPress are two great blogging platforms. With Blogger, you can choose how much you want to invest in your blog. Once your blog is established, you can set it up to accept PayPal as a payment method. All of your readers can then purchase items from your blog without ever having to leave your site.

Teens can also try affiliate marketing through Amazon. Teens can sell anything that Amazon offers in an area of interest for them, whether it is books movies, music, or electronics. For example, teens can post reviews on products they have bought and then commission when someone buys those products through their review calls. Again, this is another great way for teens to make some extra money online.

The last two options involve teens making money online by taking surveys. With survey taking, teens can be paid for their opinions. Some companies will pay teen’s $ 15 or more for each survey they take. Other companies will pay teens under a dollar for each survey. You can find several places where you can find these online jobs for teens. Taking surveys is a great way to generate some extra cash for teen’s use online.