Bajaj Finance Ltd – An Attractive Stock to Invest in

Bajaj Finance Ltd, an Indian Non-Banking Financial Company, specializes in consumer, SME & Commercial Lending services as well as wealth management products. With attractive fundamentals that make investing attractive, its stock makes for an appealing purchase opportunity.

Bajaj Finserv EMI network offers no-cost financing of electronic items like smartphones, televisions and appliances, plus cashback on payments made to top service providers as well as rewards on co-branded credit cards.


Bajaj Finance offers fixed deposit schemes at highly competitive interest rates, making investing simple. Track your FD account easily with its app and make payments online with just one click!

Consumer Durables Inc offers consumer durables, lifestyle, lifestyle care products and digital product services as well as two and three wheeler financing for developers, used car vendors, light engineering projects, financial institution financing as well as business finance loans for both SMEs and corporate customers.

This company provides co-branded credit cards, EMI cards, an app for bill payment and mobile recharge, personal loans with minimal paperwork for professionals & self-employed individuals as well as loans against property, gold coins mutual funds IPOs. Furthermore, it operates a dedicated lending branch catering specifically to high networth clients making them one of the most reliable names in financial sector.

Credit Cards

Credit cards provide an easy and flexible method of making payments for goods and services, from electronics and furniture purchases, travel booking, healthcare visits, earning reward points and other perks, to healthcare treatment costs. Unfortunately, credit cards also often come with high interest rates and hidden charges that increase how much money is owed on them over time.

Jefferies brokerage firm projects that Bajaj Finance could become the first non-bank financial company (NBFC) to launch in-house credit cards if RBI grants its approval, according to brokerage firm Jefferies. Cross-selling them at lower transaction values to its non-delinquent client base of 40 million could yield 9-17 billion in profits over three years according to Jefferies research.

Your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard bills can be paid through various methods, such as online banking, ATM withdrawals, NACH or cheque payments. In addition, an EMI plan allows you to set up monthly instalments at a set equated monthly cost.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are installment credit solutions that provide borrowers with a lump sum and require them to repay it plus interest over a specified term period. Personal loans may be used for various purposes including large purchases, covering unexpected expenses or consolidating debt.

To be eligible for a personal loan, it’s necessary to meet certain eligibility criteria and submit documents. Most lenders consider your credit score and income when making decisions on applications; working to improve it may help secure you an even better rate for a personal loan.


Bajaj Finserv provides various insurance products & services to its clients that include life, general, health and car policies as well as mutual funds, IPO financing services and investment banking services. Furthermore, the Company offers consumer finance businesses that include personal loans, home loan mortgages and consumer durable financing; SME lending business offers working capital loans; commercial lending business lends money to corporates as well as individuals; while rural lending extends loans in small towns and villages.

Consumers can purchase electronics, mobile phones, appliances and digital products with its EMI Network Card at over 80,000 partner stores with convenient EMI payments and flexible tenors without foreclosure charges or minimal documentation requirements. Customers can use an app to check their pre-approved EMI limit, pay online EMIs and track spends. In partnership with RBL Bank, this company also offers co-branded credit cards which offer discounts, cashback rewards points airport lounge access as well as other perks for consumers.

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